Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Proton Satria Neo Heading To Japan: High Time To Open Kedai Potong Proton In Tokyo!

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I bet many car affectionados out there already heard that the Japanese performance powerhouse, CUSCO, hearts the Proton Satria Neo very much and is currently preparing the car for N-Group rally drivers over at the Land for the Rising Sun to get their hands on. I predict that sooner or later, Japanese will begin to appreciate the hot hatch.

Because of that, I would like to propose this idea to smart able entrepreneurs out there: open a Proton half-cut chops shop in Japan. I mean, here in Malaysia there are so many half-cut outfit that import Japanese car parts into our country; so why not we do the same there over there eh? Ok, maybe not now, I know that there are not much variety in Proton’s Campro engine line-up. But how about when they start to deliver that turbocharged Campro engine? HE HE HE XD

I personally love Satria Neo and the Satria Neo R3 is one of my dream cars. No no no, not the current Neo CPS...pffff...what I want is a full fledge R3 version [check out the Neo R3 Concept test video right after the jump]. Say whatever you want lah about Proton, I die die oso want one. XD

[NeoSauce: Redbull’s (my housemate, not the energy drink) Facebook, Proton, CUSCO, Paul Tan, MotorStop.Asia, PlayDrive, Wiki-Apa-Dia]

Proton Satria Neo R3 Concept Testing in Japan. JUST CHECKOUT THE SOUND!

CUSCO's Proton Satria Neo Group-N Rally Car Shakedown

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