Sunday, February 6, 2011

Old Spice Dude Is Back: New Advert Is Now Online

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Seriously, the Old Spice dude campaign is one of the best ever. I actually bought one of the Old Spice body shower after watching the ads repeatedly for...I don't know...20, 30 times at least? It just so hilarious! Plus, the Old Spice dude even made couple of personalized videos for quite a number of people that responded to the campaign. [I've talked about it on Lowyat.NET]

If you can't get enough of the dude - played by Isaiah Mustafa - guess what...he is back with a new ads(plus two more, all to be released officially after the upcoming Super Bowl)! The video is currently - at the time this post is posted - unlisted on YouTube which means you can't find it there directly; so, you can either watch it after the jump or go to this link.

I even include the previous two ads just in case you never heard of the campaign before. Enjoice!

[AwsmSauce: Old Spice]

The new ad.

The OG ad.

The 1st follow-up

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