Sunday, February 6, 2011

Manchester United's 29 Unbeaten Games Streak Broken By Wolves: I Need Vaseline For Myself


What a way to end 29 unbeaten games streak: a defeat at the hand of a bottom-table team. Not just any bottom, it is the most bottom of the table! From what I can see, sloppy defending and haram jadah passing were the reason behind the blasphemy. Even though Nani managed to put Manchester United at the front in just three minutes, the game totally belonged to Wolves.

It could have been worse but nevertheless, I'm so disappointed. I'm so buying Vaseline for myself tomorrow.

P/S: Recap report available here.
[Image credit: Steve Calcott, used under Creative Commons license]


Shah said...

Stone Temple Pilots

Unknown said...

Err...what's with STP? o.0

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