Friday, February 4, 2011

Me Gusta: Nike Dunk Low “Year of the Bunny” by SBTG Preview

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For me, shoes are meant to be worn; not to be displayed inside a display box but of course, there are always exceptions and the upcoming Nike Dunk Low “Year of the Bunny” by the Singapore-based SBTG is definitely one of them [take a close look at it after the jump]. Am totally turned on by the fierce colors and designs especially that rabbit teeth along the heel area. RAWWWWRR

I bet it going to cost a bomb; just like any given SBTG releases [here's one example at Lowyat.NET Forums]. Nevertheless, if I ever get the chance to own one of these bunny-theme Dunk Lows, I’m still gonna rock ‘em hard…although maybe only for few times per year, lol.

[BunnySauce: Paint Or Thread via NiceKicks]

ChiefChapree.NET | Image Hosted by

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