Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ready For The New Season: FA Selangor's 2011 Home Kit!

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The last time I bought a FA Selangor’s jersey was when I’m in...let me think…Form 1…or Form 2? Can’t really remember but the point is that it was seriously a very looooong time ago. That time the jersey was made by Lotto. Believe it or not, I still got it and I actually wear it from time to time.

More than a decade has passed since then and I finally managed to get my hands on the new kit for the upcoming season; made by Kappa. Launched just earlier last week, I got it at the famed-but-doesn’t-really-look-like-one Q Line Sports at Pertama Complex, KL for RM 69 not inclusive of the name and number printing on its back. There were also away kit around but I’ve yet to decide whether to cop one or not.

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Too bad that I’m not going to be in town for Selangor’s first match of the season on 29 January against Kelantan or else, I’ll be there at the stadium rocking this jersey hard! All in all, majulah sukan untuk negara and support our local football!

P/S: For a limited time only, you are able to obtain the new FA Selangor’s jersey by Kappa at a fan site – SelangorFC.comFacebook page for only RM 59.90 inclusive of delivery, straight to your door. So, check it out!

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