Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Balls of Steel, He Got It

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Ask any guys all over the world whether they have been kick or hit in the groin before, I bet more then 90% of them will say yes. Ask whether it is painful or not...then the percentage would drop a little bit as some of them somehow have balls that are made of steel or whatever metal they like to label it.

If you have five minutes to waste, just take a look at this. It even comes with a little bit of science lesson. Seriously, man...even I myself can feel the pain just by watching it. The dude just stand cock after kena kick in the nuts there like nothing happened. Heck, even his heart rate stays the same. This is what we at the office like to label as LIKE A BAWS.

That being said, the fella still can't beat the Shoalins though. IRON FCKING EGG SKILL. LIKE WHATTTTTT. Read more to see that bad ass monks.

[Source: a comment of this Gizmodo's piece. Image:]

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