Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Watch For The New Chapter of My Life

Last month, the watch that I wore for the past few years somehow unexpectedly expired. Hence, I has been watch-less ever since until...just now. Guess what, I've cop myself a new watch!

I always dream of owning a Casio G-Shock watch since I was a little boy. So I guess it fit into the role well as I'm embarking into a new chapter of my life.


monica said...

it been a long time i didn't have my watch.. :)

Anonymous said...

wooo...nice color laa bro...look so clean n fresh :)

Unknown said...

Monica: Why not? I love wearing watch but I'm not a collector. :)

Atria: Thanks! This is the only color that attracts me at the shop, not much selection there. Its an old model but tak kisah la. XD

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