Wednesday, January 19, 2011

You Are Invited For A Friday Night Out With Havaianas!

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Been a little bit busy as of late, so I hope this is not too late for you guys to check this out. The good people at Havaianas Malaysia are going to organize a launch party this coming Friday, 21st January at Pavilion KL and you are invited! But first, let’s check out some history lesson, for the benefit of those who are not familiar with the Havaianas name.

Born in the samba land that is Brazil back in 1962, Havaianas is most probably one of the most well-known name ever come out from the to their football team. Some dubbed them as the Rolls Royce of flip-flops - which might be true to some extent since quite a number of celebs were spotted with them and even French shoemaker, Christian Louboutin swore by them – but truth to be told, Havaianas excellent flip flops are made for everybody. Previously, many Malaysians would actually cop them during overseas trip but they are now readily (and officially) available from several local outlets including Havaianas own concept store - H - The All Havaianas store – at Pavilion KL that was opened last year.

Now we already done with a little history lesson there, so are you in for this Friday’s party with Havaianas? Did I mention that you going to get a pair of Havaianas as well? If you down with it, grab ‘em VIP passes at Havaianas Malaysia’s Facebook page over at right this instant. One tip: get your camera ready. Oh, find somebody with Havaianas too if you don’t have one. ;)

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