Monday, February 1, 2016

[Music Monday] Let Love Be Your Energy by Robbie Williams

If you're willing to change the world,
Let love be your energy...

Similar to Smashing Pumpkins' Ava Adore, Robbie Williams' Let Love Be Your Energy is one of the many songs that I discovered through a TV channel which I couldn't remember its name anymore (could be either MetroVision or NTV7). I remember it mainly for its animated music video which has a rather interesting style although it was censored on the TV channel due to its adult nature.

But beyond the clip and the song itself, I really like the title of the song as well because it perfectly describes the motivation behind almost all the things that I do in my life.

You see, when I do or talked about things that I love, they gave me the energy to go on. There are so many examples of them out there.

My work at gives me energy. Sure, I've plenty of things that made me feel down/uninspired/unmotivated along the way but I always on the look that gives me a kind of "high" that I only get from publishing those articles. Whether it is breaking news or subjects/brands/products that interest me or positive engagements from readers/forumers/friends/my bosses.

My wife...her love, tolerance, and understanding always gives me the positive vibes. Sometimes I wonder if she realized she might have married a guy that will never be serious 80% of the time. xD tiring as it is, I always love it. Running helps me get fitter which equals to being more energetic. Furthermore, it is my time to be alone where I would leave my mind wondering, off from the troubles of the world.

Plenty of examples as well: my family, my colleagues, my KTM Duke 200, badminton, football, music, sports, seeing the world, cats, all things Nike...the list is rather endless. I hope the love will never end too. :)

(Image: Screenshot from the official music video.)

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