Monday, June 17, 2013

[Music Monday] Ava Adore by The Smashing Pumpkins

Smashing Pumpkins Live @ Padova

I admit: I'm not what you can call as a “fan” of The Smashing Pumpkins but I do like the band despite only knowing a handful of their songs such as 1979, Cherub Rock, Tonight, Tonight, Today, The End Is The Beginning Is the End and this particular one - my personal favorite - Ava Adore.

Taken from their album called Adore, it was actually the first Smashing Pumpkins’ song that I ever heard thanks to this one TV channel (I forgot which one) who played it almost on daily basis before they start their normal transmission years ago. Think I was in secondary school that time...

Anyway, the band is coming to Kuala Lumpur (yezzz!) later this August to headline the Good Vibes Festival and with that, my entry for his week’s Music Monday is to celebrate that news. Can’t wait, woot! :D

[Image: dido @ Flickr, used under Creative Commons license]

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