Thursday, February 4, 2016

[Huiyoh] How A 290 KM/H Bike Crash Looks Like, Caused By A Blown Tyre

So, this particular crash actually happened in our very own Sepang Circuit few days ago which involved Loris Baz of Avintia Racing during MotoGP testing session. What happened was that the rear Michelin tyre on his Ducati race machine blown while he was going through Sepang's main straight near the start/finish line at around 290 km/h. Crazy!

This CCTV footage captured the moment perfectly:

Here's our how the said tyre looked like after the crash. The horror!

As horrific as these pictures and video looked like, Loris actually walked away with just a bruised elbow and sore muscles. Hence, not surprising that the first thing he thanked at after the crash was his Alpinestars race suit:

Meanwhile, imagine if you kena like this on normal roads even at a fraction of that speed...GGWP, I tell you. Jadi, jangan merempit, ok? >.<

(Source: MCN)

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