Monday, February 8, 2016

[Music Monday CNY Edisyun]: That Shaolin Soccer Song...

When Stephen Chow's Shaolin Soccer became a hit, I recall that it somehow became a staple in Chinese New Year programming on TV for few years. Not this year though as I'm watching the first of From Vegas To Macau (what a timing since the third installement has just hit cinema) on 8TV as I'm typing this entry.

One of the best scene in Shaolin Soccer is gotta be this song. When I first stumbled upon the scene, my mind totally stunned and went WTF for few seconds at first.

Then today, I went WTF again because while I knew the movie was dubbed into English for releases in Western countries, I never knew that they also dubbed the song into English.

Made the WTF song become even more WTF. GGWP. xD

(Source: YouTube - 1, 2)

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