Monday, November 26, 2012

[Balls of Steel] KL Tower and Petronas Twin Tower Fly-Through By Red Bull's Wingsuit Flyer

If you have not yet familiar with how Red Bull loves to project their themselves to the world, you must know that they loves to do extreme stuff. Felix Baumgartner’s recent supersonic jump projectRed Bull Stratos – and the glute crunching Red Bull 400 are just two of many crazy projects that the people at Red Bull have embarked on.

Here’s another recent one and in fact, this actually took place right here in Kuala Lumpur. Three of Red Bull Air Force’s wingsuit flyers have visited our capital with the intention to “fly” through the city’s tallest buildings – KL Tower and Petronas Twin Tower:

From what I heard, the fly-by was done guerrilla-style which is not surprising really - considering Red Bull's long history of bad assery. I wonder though how the folks in both building felt like once they saw the flyers flew by...

[FlySauce: Red Bull]

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