Tuesday, November 27, 2012

[Swoosh] Nike Lunar Force 1: Finally, The AF1 30th Anniversary Edition Worthy of ME GUSTA

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the iconic Nike Air Force 1 (AF1) line of shoes, the folks at Nike have come out with a number of special AF1 releases. If you can recall, I've discussed one such release before - the first Year of The Dragon AF1 which was launched in the market earlier this year. Since then, quite a number of XXX AF1 have arrived into the market but the timing or pricing wasn’t right for me, so I’ve to forgo them.

But this one, the Lunar Force 1 – which will be available in select Nike Sportswear globally on 12/12/12, not sure about Malaysia though – is not something that I will let go. I just have to get my hands on it.

Essentially, the Lunar Force 1 is a mix of many Nike’s innovations such as the Lunarlon sole and Hyperfuse construction put together into the iconic AF1 design. Being an owner of several Hyperfuse shoes such as Nike Air Max 1 HF and Nike Lunar Haze myself, it is obvious that I’m a big fan of the design and there is needless to say about Lunarlon sole since almost all my other Nike running shoes (before switching to Nike Free running shoes for the time being, that is) were equipped with Lunarlon soles.

The Lunar Force 1 will be available in other colorways - as part of the “Hero” pack and there might digital camo colorway as well - too but my eyes have set on this one. No price has been announced though but nevertheless, let’s see if I’m able to get my hands on it next month. Can’t wait.

[LunarSauce: Nike]

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