Monday, October 8, 2012

[Quads of Thunder] Red Bull 400: The Uphill Highway of Hell

It might be just a 400m run which is rather short in flat line (equivalent to one full lap in a typical track setting) but then, it is not going to be a Red Bull - who loves crazy stuff – event if it just a plain old 400m run. God damn…just look at that incline. All 36 degrees of it.

At this particular Red Bull 400 event at Planica in Slovenia last month, 164 runners from 9 countries braced the slope and tried their best to conquer it. This is an excellent recap video of the event:

I can see that majority, if not all of the participants looked superbly fit. Guess I need to get off all these fatties from my body before I can even dream of attempting this event or something similar to it. Then again, I heard it is not that hard to hike Bukit Broga in Semenyih…think I just found a perfect reason to get myself a trail running shoe. :D

[Source: Red Bull via Kin Meng]

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