Wednesday, October 3, 2012

[Running] All Over Again: Training Day 3 – The 7KM After 4 Idle Days

YOLO! Herp derp de derp derp...[image:]

For my Twitter followers and Facebook friends, they might already know about this but for the five or so of you that are reading this blog, these were my thoughts as I went through 7km of wet, morning run last Friday as part of my on-going training for Nike We Run KL 2012:

1km: Malasnya...
2km: Woraits, getting in the groove.
3km: Biasa jer ni...
4km: Chap, what r u doin.
5km: Chap, stahp.
6km: Almooosssttt thereee HNGGHHHH

Despite the remarks above, I’m actually quite satisfied with my run as I still managed to pull off an average pace of low 7 min/km. Plus, I did it in the morning which is quite amazing since me and early morning virtually don’t co-exist together.

Stats from the run, as tracked by my Nike+ SportWatch GPS.

Nevertheless, here I am again – bitten by the “idle days bug” as I like to call it. 4 days are not that bad actually (5 days would be my benchmark) but I still felt the symptoms such the lingering lazy feeling, loss of focus and of course, not feeling really fit.

However, I wasn’t really concerned about it because my training continues the next day with Nike for another round of We Run KL Training Run series which focuses on…interval training. If there is one word to describe how that training session went, it would be: HELL. Check back soon for the next chapter of my training diary. :D

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