Tuesday, October 2, 2012

[Running] All Over Again: Training Day 2 - 5KM and Reaching The 1000KM Milestone

November 2009 – September 2012: after almost three freaking years, I’ve finally reach the milestone. One thousand kilometres. AWWW YEAAA~

Three years = 1000km that was accumulated through close to 200 runs in four different continents. Wow. I couldn't believe it myself too.

A lot of things have changed since the day I started running again in November 2009 but thankfully, running is one of those things that has remained as a constant in my life. Obviously, I’m already looking forward for the next 1000km and beyond. I mean, if the first 1000km has been this good, I’m sure it will just get better as I go further. Rest assured, I’ll not stop until the time comes.

Meanwhile, the exact run that brought me through the 1000km milestone actually happened on a treadmill at my usual gym. Anti-climax, I know.

I figured that since I’ve already run on the road the day before at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa during the first Nike We Run KL Training Run, I would like to shift the gear down on treadmill taking advantage of the machine’s softer and constant surface. Well, turned out I actually went pretty fast (by my standard) with an average pace of low-6 minutes per km.

Here's the breakdown of my run, as recorded by my Nike+ SportWatch GPS:

It really looked like I might already on to something here but then...I let few days passed by before my next training run. Woopsie. Check back soon for the next chapter of my training diary in which once again I learned about leaving too many idle days between runs.

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