Sunday, September 23, 2012

[Running] All Over Again: Training Day 1 - Nike We Run KL Training Run @ Titiwangsa

Group photo of Nike We Run KL Training Run @ Titiwangsa participants.

Two weeks have gone since I completed Adidas King of The Road 16.8k and I’ve pretty much lounging around doing nothing ever since. No running, no exercise, no workout…yup, nothing. I’ve decided that I had enough and since the Nike We Run KL 2012 is going to take place in less than one month time, it is a high time to get back into the groove.

Coincidentally, the first session of Nike We Run KL Training Run series starts yesterday and the distance for the session was quite short at around 3km (yeah, the actual distance was shorter than they first announced). A good starting point, I guess.

"Find Your Greatness": Mid-run motivation.

Held at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa under a cloudy weather, the participants were divided into three groups according to pace level and I (naturally) decided to join the “slow” group. It turned out that the “slow” was not really slow as you can see from my Nike+ SportWatch GPS stats below that our average pace was around low 7 min/km which was kinda fast for me. Nevertheless, it was good to be back on that pace after pulling out the turtle-ish average pace at KoTR.

Nike+ stats for the first 2.4k.

Around half a click before we wrapped up the run, the group stopped to do sets of forward lunge, squats and combo of both. The lunge + squats combo got my attention – now, why I never thought of that? We then pretty much finished the remaining 0.6km at slightly faster pace.

Nike+ stats for the remaining 0.6km. I rarely able to go 5min/km and in fact, I believe I can maintain it for a least a full click. ME GUSTA x 9000.

Post-run, I actually expected them to put us through the Nike Training Club (NTC) drills (it might be designed for women but the drills are are god damn intense - been through them twice previously) but kinda relieved that they didn't. That being said, I do wish for it since the drills are very useful.

So, there you have it – my first day of training for Nike We Run KL 2012 as well as other upcoming run till the end of 2012. My feet were damn restless last night, so I can’t wait for subsequent training days as well as the second (and longer) training run session with Nike at KLCC Park next Saturday. More to come!

The badge that I received at the end of training session.

Meanwhile, there are still few more photos from the training right after jump. Just click on the link below to check them out.

Nike Free Run+ 3 in Volt colourway. ME GUSTA.

Squats. God damn squats...

Here's the "fast" group, going through the mid-run drill.

After not running for the past 2 weeks, my leg turned jelly-o only after 2.4km of 7min/km pace. Ignore the sign. xD

Yay for hydration!

Post-run cool down. No NTC session yesterday or else, this picture would instead show many defeated runners laying around Titiwangsa's Astaka.

Some little challenge for those who dare enough...

...that won them some sweet Nike swags.

See you soon at the next Nike We Run KL training session!

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