Thursday, March 28, 2013

[Vroom Vroom] The Making of a KTM Motorcycle

Three months ago, I finally bought myself a bike after 3 - 4 years of taking public transportation which started when my then 7-years-old scooter broke down for the nth time and I decided not to bother about repairing it anymore. The bike that I choose is a KTM. Specifically, a KTM Duke 200.

To some, KTM Duke 200 is not exactly a pure KTM breed as it was developed through a collaboration between KTM and an Indian company called Bajaj which eventually led to Duke 200 being manufactured in Bajaj’s factory. I don’t actually give a flying damn about that though – to me, the KTM Duke 200 is still as orange as those fully made in Austria.

Try ride the damn thing if you get the chance and you’ll feel it yourself too. Nope, you can’t ride my bike. Not a chance. :p

Oh right, melalut pulak gua. About this short video feature...well, I love checking out how cars/bike/stuff are made which is why I was so delighted when I saw this video. Furthermore, it is about KTM, so...hehehe. :D

The limited edition KTM 250 SX-F Ken Roczen bike.

Produced by the folks at Red Bull (which is also an Austrian company just like KTM), it focuses on KTM’s motocross bikes which I guess because the company is well known for those bikes. Nevertheless, I believe all the things that the KTM folks talked in the video applies to all types of bikes (and car- yeah, the outfit actually made a car called X-Bow) that KTM manufactured there.

This feature is too short though and didn’t touch on other type of bikes that KTM has. It is a nicely produced video though, so yeah...

On another hand, KTM’s own blog has posted several awesome behind-the-scenes feature of their own as well which covers several areas such as its engine plant, KTM RC250R racing bike and Red Bull KTM Ajo Factory Team’s 2013 RC250GP Moto3 bike. Do check it out if you love bikes and motorsports, in general.

Me and my KTM Duke 200. :D

By the way, do excuse me if this sounds so cheesy and syok sendiri but…damn, I love my KTM Duke 200. *megustaface.jpg*


Anonymous said...

1 bike single rider ;)

speedrider said...

Glad that you choose to ride again bro. I choose not to comment about the bike since it will unleash my troll spirit. Hahaha

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