Saturday, December 22, 2012

[On Heavy Rotation This Week] Hujan's Lonely Soldier Boy / Andy Koyama's Mospeada Theme Song

While I'm familiar with Inspektor Ramos - thanks to its awesome video - I didn't actually listen to the rest of Hujan's Lonely Soldier Boy till earlier this week (yup, another case of slowpoke me). I was then really hooked to the album's title track due to its strong Japanese vibe...I don't know how to explain it but lets just say I felt the same vibe whenever I listened to Japanese bands such as Tokyo Jihen and Asian Kung-Fu Generation.

After some Google-fu, I've learned that the song is actually a Malay cover of Ushinawareta Yume o Motomete (translation: In Search of Lost Legends) - the opening theme of Genesis Climber Mospeada. No wonder the song sounded so familiar; I did watch several episodes of Mospeada (as itself and part of Robotech Saga) on TV when I was in primary school.

After I found that out, my respect for Noh Hujan has just increased ten-fold - got to tabik his ability to give a perfect set of Malay lyrics to the Japanese song.

The track appeared once again in Hujan's latest album - Sang Enemy - which was released earlier this year but this time, the song was recorded in its acoustic form together with the appearance by the original singer of Ushinawareta Yume o Motomete, Andy Koyama. MIND BLOWN.

"Cahaya mentari, kan datang kembali..." - Lonely Soldier Boy, Hujan.

[Images: ManggaOnline and MyAnimeList. Vidya sauces: Hujan and TheFunkyteru]

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