Tuesday, September 11, 2012

[Running] Race Report: Adidas King of The Road 2012 16.8KM

Yup, this corny pose was one of my official photos from the run. Courtesy of Adidas Malaysia.

So, the Adidas King of The Road is here once again. Took place on 9th September, it was pretty much identical like last year's edition with two types of categories (10k and 16.8k), same venue (start/finish at Sunway Pyramid with New Pantai Expressway as the route) and…yeah, pretty much the same vibe all over again.

But then again…I stepped up the game this year by participating in the 16.8k category instead of last year’s 10k and it is now the longest distance I’ve ever attempted. Pre-race, I believed that I’ll be able to finish the run within 2 hours but unfortunately, I eventually clocked around 2 hours 20 minutes.

The route, as tracked by Nike+ SportWatch GPS. Click on the picture to enlarge it on a new window.

Originally, I divided the race into three different pace level – each in batch of 6km. So, basically it should be mid/hi 7min/km from 0km to 6km, then hi 6min/km till 12km and back to mid/hi 7min/km for 12km till finish. Obviously, my plan was shattered to pieces as you can see from the timing that my Nike+ SportWatch GPS tracked during the run:

Click on the picture to enlarge it on a new window.

There is only one reason to this - I totally overestimated my general fitness level. As whenever I tried to push towards 6min/km, the feeling of side stitch came in - so, to be safe, I slowed down but with fatigue building up as the distance added up, I never really able to go faster. Nevertheless, I’m still pretty happy since not only it was my furthest run for now but I did couple of “first” in this event such as taking gel during the race and wearing a compression long pants (a Nike Swift Running Tights, to be exact).

Now officially a member of Kelab Seluar Ketat. Picture courtesy of Adidas Malaysia.

Managed by the highly experienced Hivelocity Events team (if I’m not mistaken), Adidas King of The Road 2012 got my thumbs up in terms of the organizer’s capability of executing the event as expected. The number of water stations along the route were quite adequate with one for each 3 km in addition to excellent (IMHO, of course) medical support throughout the route – paramedics, mobile medical personnel on bike checking out on participants, Deep Heat sprays etc.

My only complaint (sort of) is that there were barricades at the both sides of the starting line which made it hard for 16.8km participants that came late to the starting line to enter the starting area since they have to go through throngs of 10k runners that lined up behind the 16.8k group. This is rather very very very small thing though; not a biggie at all.

The ever popular Photo Wall.

Also, I felt that the vibe at the finishing area while were quite exciting since you can’t beat the feeling of completing a run, it was also quite dull at the same time. Apart from free Nestle cereals and Milo as well as a rather awesome photo wall, the race carnival area didn’t offer anything much despite being called a “carnival”. While this is not essential and certainly didn’t really affect my race experience, I do feel that some post-race activities/entertainment could liven up the area and give participants something to do beyond the typical “run, take medal, snap photos with friends and go home” routine.

Nevertheless, will I return next year? I like the route, so you most probably will see me again – assuming that Adidas will continue to use NPE as KoTR route. Even if they decide to change the venue/route, chances are you still going to see me again. :)

For the meantime, do check out other photos that managed to snap at the even through the link below.

The finish line/carnival area

The roadshow inside Sunway Pyramid which also acts as race pack collection prior to the event.

The medal, wheeeeeeeeee~

This was snapped towards the end of the run, so you can guess that I was pretty tired to pose, lol. Picture courtesy of Adidas Malaysia.

Just did it!

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