Tuesday, March 16, 2010

FFFFUUU Tales: No Car, No Marry.

::: Chief Chapree ::: image hosted by Imageshack.us
Mmmmmmm...I rike. But kenot get (for now). :(

So, sometimes ago I asked my missus - "Hon, since now you got car...I don't need to buy one, right? I can go get another bike, right right right right?". In that split milliseconds before she uttered her reply, my head went on to dream and drool about this one bike that I really fond of - Kawasaki ER-6n or ER-6f...fffffuuuhhhhhhh.

Then, the day-dreaming came to an abrupt end when she replied, "NO. Get a car or else, mama will not approves of you.". Awwww, mang. Sad, I has. :(

[Image: Kawasaki Malaysia]


Ryan said...

ada kereta ada isteri

Unknown said...

Its ok, mang. Mother just worried about our safety liao. I mean my mum is the same too, ask me to buy car fast2. XD

kumfye said...

chill la...car is really important...got car first then only you got hot chick


Unknown said...

Hot chick sudah kau tim. XD

a said...

I pity for you. Let's find a Silvia instead :D

Unknown said...

Silvia? Nahh...not my cup of tea. AE86 dan Delorean DMC-12 tetap menjadi pojaan hati. ^_^v

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