Saturday, March 27, 2010

FFFFUUUU Tales: Can't Sing Man Utd Song In Her Car

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So worth the trouble.

So, as a Manchester United fanboi, chanting Glory Glory Man United randomly is pretty normal occurances. Yesterday, I did the same while on the way back from the mall with my missus. Then, she said:

"I want to put a new rule. The next time you sing that song, I'll BAN you from my car."

As funny as it might seems, I actually understand the reason behind the threat. Because she is a supporter of Liverpool, that's why.

So lads, avenge our last defeat. GLORY GLORY MAN UNITEEEDDD!! \m/

NOTE: This was written like a day before the match. If you didn't know the outcome, United won by 2 - 1. Revenge have been served, w00t!

[MyVi Image: Paul Tan. Ejection Seat: via Google Image Search]


a said...

Chaps, silap la missus sokong Kolam Hati. Tak leh duduk serumah la mcm ni :P

Unknown said...

Meh, I lived with Liverpool supporters all my life - room mates, dorm mates, house mates...not a biggie, lol.

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