Monday, October 20, 2014

[Music Monday] Something From Nothing by Foo Fighters

"Fuck it all, I came from nothing." - Something From Nothing, Foo Fighters.

So, the first song from the first episode of Dave Grohl's documentary on HBO a.ka. the making of Foo Fighters new album a.k.a love letter to American music, Sonic Highways is finally here. The song is apparently inspired by Chicago (the very city that was featured in the episode) and also featured the legendary guitarist from Cheap Trick, Rick Nielsen.

IMHO, Something From Nothing is yet another standard serving of Foo-flavoured rock song. Some hint of heaviness but at a level where most mainstream listeners should still be able to tolerate.

While it might not be as memorable or universal as per Best of You, I do love the lyrics though...especially the particular verse above. I bet plenty of listeners out there are able to relate themselves to this song as well, which is one of the factor that what made Foo Fighters so successful.

Meanwhile, yes, I already watched the first episode of Sonic Highways myself...but let me save that for another day. :)

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