Saturday, October 18, 2014

Jordan x Slam Dunk Collection: When The Icon Meets Sakuragi Hanamichi, Available Now In Malaysia

I couldn't imagine how many folks got inspired to play basketball after reading Takehiko Inoue’s Slam Dunk. I’m one of them myself (played quite a bit during my school days) even though my first love is still football.

One of the aspects of Slam Dunk that I really love is that Inoue actually drew real life basketball shoes into the comic. Naturally, plenty of Jordans made an appearance in Slam Dunk. In fact, the main character of Slam Dunk - Sakuragi Hanamichi - actually wore Jordan VI and later, Jordan I (in the famed “Banned” Black/Red colorway, nevertheless which is also the color of Sakuragi’s team, Shohoku) in the comic.

That’s why it is not a surprise that Jordan has collaborated with Inoue to come out with the new Jordan x Slam Dunk collection.

There are two shoes in the collection, one being a red Jordan VI that is also draped with drawings from the world famous manga. Number “10” that is etched into the shoes represents the jersey number that Sakuragi used in the Slam Dunk universe. The same drawing is used on the shoe’s box as well.

The other shoes in Jordan x Slam Dunk collection is the Jordan Super.Fly 3 which one of latest performance oriented shoes from Jordan Brand, introduced last August. For this shoe as well as its box, Jordan chooses to use new sketches from Inoue that depicts Sakuragi in post-Slam Dunk life.

With those two together, the Jordan x Slam Dunk collection pretty much represents the past with Jordan VI and the future with Jordan Super.Fly 3. Alongside the shoes, Jordan Brand has also come out with two t-shirts and a cap under the collection.

In case you wondering whether you can actually get your hands on the Jordan x Slam Dunk collection, the answer is yes, you can. In fact, it arrives in Malaysia today. But before you rush out to dealers that are selling the collection such as Hoops Station and Hip&Hoop, you got to take note of this: the dealers are not selling items in the collection individually.

Not to forget, the price tag on the Jordan x Slam Dunk collection is a whooping RM 2245 (around USD 686, to my US friends out there) per set. Furthermore, Hoops Station released it through VIP balloting (in other words, no chance for commoner like me and you) although Hip&Hop do sells it in a first come, first serve basis.

All in all, it such a bummer that they are selling it in that way although it’s totally understandable due to its limited release nature. Still, I would like to own the above red Shohoku Jordan tee as well as the cap. Ehhh, relax resellers, no no no, don't scalp me yet bro...

Oh well.

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