Monday, May 5, 2014

[Music Monday] Hari Baru by RAN

"Jangan pernah lelah berlari
Mengejar asa yang kau cari

Keep holding on pada mimpimu
Terus kejar tanpa kau ragu
Keep moving on, biarkan yang berlalu
Sambut hari baru" - Hari Baru, RAN.

As we enter May 2014, it has been one hectic journey.

The Lowyat.NET team is getting really busy, trying to keep up as fast as we could with all the tech and consumer electronic world have to offer especially now that there are plenty of new products are heading into the market as we getting to the end of 1H of 2014.

Additionally, the whole Lowyat MSC itself is going through transformation, which you guys should be able to see sooner or later.

Hence, I'm slightly tired...but I'm not down. Please. Far from it.

I can't be down. I only do so little...if I'm down, where can I hide my face from my team then?

Also, there are still a lot need to be done here. ^_^v

Meanwhile, as for the song. I discovered RAN when I was listening to Nokia MixRadio on my Nokia Lumia 1020 through one of the band's earlier song called Pandangan Pertama. I really like the band's mix of smooth RnB, funk, pop and neo-jazz which essentially equals to what I usually call "feel good music".

I went through all of RAN's four albums and all of them have the same feel good vibe. As you might know, the vibe from the music that you listens to can affect your mood; so, that's why I've been listening to a lot of RAN's music lately.

Just to keep the feel good vibe going. You know, just to keep moving on. :)

[Image: Jazzuality dot com @ Flickr, used under Creative Commons license. Video: Ran's Official YouTube Channel]

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