Sunday, April 27, 2014

[NOMS] Magnum Gold Is Crap, Enter The Magnum Infinity!


It is hard not to notice Wall's Magnum Gold ice cream, thanks to the expansive campaign that Unilever has provided for the ice cream. Obviously, since I love Wall's Magnum especially the Almond flavour, I give it a try and...'s awful. The gold-colored milk shell tasted flat, and same goes for the (rather thin) sea-salt caramel that swirls around the inner vanilla ice cream. If I would need to put it in my Magnum's list, Magnum Gold is in the bottom of my list which is topped by the Almond flavour.

All in all, IMHO the Wall's Magnum Gold doesn't deserve all the hype that Unilever has thrown at it. You want to know what's good? This: the Magnum Infinity that I tried in Jakarta recently while I was covering the regional launch of ASUS ZenFone for Lowyat.NET.

This particular variant of Chocolate & Caramel flavour of Magnum Infinity is made of dark chocolate shell and within it is a chocolate ice cream with caramel (that tasted better than what Wall's put inside Magnum Gold to me) touch. Mmm, very naise. :3

But still couldn't kick Magnum Almond off my list though. :3 Do check it out if you are in Indonesia...and I believe its available in UK too, so yeah.

[Magnum Gold Image: Yukino Miyazawa @ Flickr, used under Creative Commons license. Magnum Infinity image is my own, available on my Instagram feed. :3]

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