Wednesday, April 17, 2013

[Running] Boston Marathon

Whether you are a veteran or a beginner, it is not hard to miss the tales of Boston Marathon - the oldest annual marathon in the world. Especially the part where you first need to set a good finish time in other certified marathons that is within Boston Marathon’s qualifying times before you can actually register for the event.

Because of that, many runners has made Boston Marathon as one of their life goals including yours truly. I might not even run beyond my usual 10K races and slacking in my training but Boston is definitely one of the great marathons that I aimed to run at some point of my life.

Truth to be told, the bomb attacks at the event few days ago left me rather speechless: why would someone attack a marathon? Runners are generally peaceful bunch of people who many are advocates of healthy lifestyle which in hand is among the last people on earth that you can associated with violence.

The incident also made me a little bit shaken since I then realized that such attack could happen at any given running event throughout the world, be it a small community event or a large scale national fest. Running events is supposed to be about achievement, triumph and happiness.

Not about sadness, confusion, fear and death. =/

[Image: Boston Marathon Facebook page]

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