Monday, April 22, 2013

[Music Monday] Get Lucky by Daft Punk Featuring Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers

Daft Punk haven’t come out with a studio album for quite some time, so it is obvious that Get Lucky – the first single from their upcoming new album, Random Access Memories - has generated a lot of buzz. IMHO, the French electronic duo worked their magic very well once again as this track certainly didn't disappoint me.

Working together with two other legends in their own right - Pharrell Williams of The Neptunes/N.E.R.D and Nile Rodgers of Chic – Get Lucky to me is unlike any previous releases by the duo as it has more R&B and funk feel rather than electronic music. Meanwhile, I’m very curious about the music video for this song since the little teaser that they showed prior to the single’s release looks just as funky as the song that it represents.

By the way, do you know that the video above is actually animated despite giving the impression that it is just an audio-only video? Just wait for it and you might be surprised....

[Image: Screencap from The Collabrators: Pharrell Williams]

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