Sunday, February 10, 2013

[Chap At Large] The Day I Raced and Won Against Top Gear Korea Host…in A Video Game

It is not every day that you get to meet and race a Top Gear’s host. Ok, he might not be Clarkson, May or Hammond from Top Gear UK but nevertheless, Yeon Jung-hoon is still a host for Top Gear. Top Gear Korea, that is.

It took place at the media launch event for the premier of Top Gear Korea’s season 2 on KIX HD last month in which the host and actor flew all the way from South Korea to attend. I really didn't expect anything much because my assignment of the day was to learn what KIX HD has in store for Top Gear Korea season 2.

Little I know that it actually led me to a Gran Turismo 5 showdown with Yeon Jung-hoon, thanks to my lap time (the fastest among other attendees – didn’t expect that, really) during their little lap time challenge. While I was told that fastest lap would win a prize from KIX HD but I seriously have no idea that it would involves head-to-head racing against Yeong Jung-hoon.

Furthermore, we raced on Top Gear UK’s test track, how cool is that. :D In the end, I did (comfortably, hehehehe) won the race although I did spin my car once at some point during the race. Sorry Mr. Jung-hoon, you might get to drive fast cars in Top Gear Korea but...I’m better in video games, it seems. xD

For that, I received a brand new Panasonic Lumix FH8 digital camera. Yay for me and thanks KIX HD, that was a great fun. :3

Catch Top Gear Korea on every Tuesday at 9pm through KIX HD, Astro Channel 729. To learn more about KIX HD, visit

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