Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Chap's Lumia Travelogue: How It Is Like To Ride A Segway PT

Ever heard of Segway PT before? It is a single-rider two-wheeled electric vehicle that operates using a combination of computers, tilt sensors and gyroscopes to balance itself out when a user rides on it.

Prior to its original release in 2001, it managed to generate lots of hype to the extent that a renowned venture capitalist, John Doeer said that it would be more important than the Internet. Well, in the end, that proved to be a huge bull crap.

Nevertheless, the Segway PT is still a fun vehicle to ride. I actually got the opportunity to ride it during my recent trip to Austin, Texas last month. The video above showed how it feel when one's riding a Segway PT and this is just the first of many Chap's Lumia Travelogue coming your way very soon, so stay tuned! :D

Chap's Lumia Travelogue is a series of photos and videos that I captured with Nokia Lumia Windows Phone throughout my travels. The video above was recorded using Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone, courtesy of Nokia Malaysia.

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