Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Chap's Lumia Travelogue: Dancing Waitresses of Hooters Shanghai

Despite being a huge metropolitan, I found that it is hard to find a joint that used English as the communication medium in Shanghai, China. Hooters Shanghai is one of the exception and better still, it is located just next to the hotel where I was staying during my recent trip to HP Global Influencer Summit 2012.

That, in addition to the huge amount of eye candy around - which is what Hooters are well known of - made Hooters Shangai quite an enjoyable chill out place to me especially after a long conference day. In fact, I would say Hooters Shanghai felt better than Hooters Singapore. Heh. xD

Chap's Lumia Travelogue is a series of photos and videos that I captured with Nokia Lumia Windows Phone throughout my travels. The video above was recorded using Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone, courtesy of Nokia Malaysia.

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