Monday, December 26, 2011

FFFUUU Tales: I'm Fat and I Know It.

So...yesterday, I went for a workout over at the gym. Since I haven't weight myself for quite sometime, I decided to check out how heavy I am these days. The number that I received was...82KG. O MAI GAS, SO HEAVY. :o

My weight reminded me of this song.

That being said, I admit that I slacked a lot in 2011 in terms of health as I failed to balance between work (you can't burn midnight oil without snacks! xD) and fitness despite participating in many runs. Obviously, nothing going to change when it comes to work; in fact, am going to keep on pushing for the win - go forth! - but I believe I definitely can do something about my fitness next year.

Hence, one of my resolutions for 2012 is shed couple of kilos or at least maintain it to be under 80kg. I would also like to achieve better time in my runs next year, hence I hope to set new PB for my 10K and 12K. At the same time, will I move on to further distance in 2012? Well...nah, I don't think so. I would like my body to be lighter before I go further - for the sake of my knees and joints.

Alrighty, here's to 2012! *clinches fist*

Image: Weird Al @ Video: YouTube.

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