Friday, July 2, 2010

MUST COP, URGHH: Nike Pixel Logo Limited Edition T-Shirt

Sorry for the blurry piktar; cannot retake because abang salesperson at Nike Store in Pavilion KL didn't let me snap this fine piece of clothing to share around. Part of the Limited Edition Air Collection, I really want it because as you might know, pixels kinda relates a lot to video games of yesterday years. 8-bit Mario Bros, anyone?

Price-wise...ain't cheap but ain't too expensive either at RM 109 per pop. There's a better picture of it right after the break...or you can see it yourselves at the nearest Nike or Nike Sportswear stores.

[Image: Nike Online Store US]

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Unknown said...

Its nice indeed. Btw, thanks for the tips on your blog. Rly useful indeed. :)

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