Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy Birthday and Thanks for the Free Coffee, Starbucks!

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Yesterday, Starbucks Malaysia celebrated their 11th Anniversary. While they had a birthday party at Tropicana City Mall's branch last night, they shared the joy at all Starbucks throughout the country few hours earlier - by giving away free coffee from 11 am to 1 pm.

Since I missed the last Mid Valley branch's coffee sesh, I was determined not to miss this one. Turned out it doesn't take much effort, lol. I got my fix at their branch in Summit USJ, the nearest one to my home. There was virtually no queue when I picked up ze coffees at 11-ish am. But of course, I was not the first one since I saw a lot of patrons has already chilled out and enjoyed their free freshly brewed coffee.

Well, happy birthday to you dear Starbucks. Thanks for the coffee! I wish it was free iced latte (my favorite fix in the world!) though but anything goes as long as it's free hur hur hur XD

Oh yeah...if you are wondering how in the world me (and thousand of others) knew about the free kopis, it was through their Twitter. If you don't twit, they are on Facebook as well.


akihiko said...

free coffee is nice
but the coffee is way too hot n need to wait for a while for the coffee to cool down

Unknown said...

LOL, yeah man...however, I heard at some outlets they already pour into cups before hand, in expectation of huge crowd. Guess those branches would have cooler kopis, lol.

Unknown said...

Ohh I forgot, thanks for being the first commenter, akihiko! Do check this joint often yah? =D

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