Friday, December 18, 2009

First Part Settle, To Be Continued Next Semester!

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A smile of relief, post-presentation.

Am I supposed to do this on daily basis? Looks like I already missed out for three days. Let's patch it up.

Two days ago, I was scheduled to present the first part of my Final Year Project (FYP) - one of the two new "subjects" that I've yet to settle. What was the topic? I rather not state it here, not only because it's mouthful but its also something that I don't have any expertise on and I don't want anybody to mistake me to be a reference point. Let's just say that it involved audio - no chance of blowing something up.

The presentation went on unexpectedly well, compared to all the SNAFUs that happened en route to the presentation. First and foremost, I forgot I didn't stock any proper clothing (our organization roll around with dope t-shirts, baby), so I went back to my hometown to get it. In typical Chapree-way, I departed to campus very late which means I have to rempit all the way. Kesian my 5-year old scooter...

Anyway, yup, it was indeed a huge relief. Now, on to Sunday's paper on 8pm! Yup, at eight at night. The uni is out of their mind, I tell you.

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