Monday, September 14, 2015

[#music] Lost In You by Garth Brooks/Chris Gaines

Have you ever tried to look for an old song that you heard during you growing years and finally found it again after so many years? Well, I did recently and man, it was such a joy.

Seriously, you won't believe how long I've been trying to find this song: Lost In You by Chris Gaines - the pop alter-ego of country music superstar, Garth Brooks.

I can't remember when I first heard of it but I knew that it was during my early uni years. It might because of my old room mate which was a guitar enthusiast and has plenty of great songs across all genres including this one. I love the song not only because it has very nice soulful guitar playing but also beautiful lyrics.

It was last week that I found it again after a random search online and when I finally learn the history behind the song, then I understand why it was really hard to find. Guess Garth don't really want to remember it since many might have labelled the album and Garth's effort to "be" Chris Gaines as a failure.

Oh well.

[Image: fatherspoon @ Flickr, used under Creative Commons license]

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