Monday, January 26, 2015

#MusicMonday: Baek by Joe Flizzow

So, Flizzow's Baek is the second video that the famed rapper has shot in New York many months ago with the first being the critically acclaimed (baru menang Juara Lagu kot) Apa Khabar. Apart from the scenic view of Brooklyn, the video featured plenty of cameos.

See if you can spot them below:

IMHO, the video is just like the song: playful. I'm don't know how having Brooklyn and cameos in the video helped convey the meaning behind the tongue-in-cheek song but...somewhat, I kinda understand. Well played, Joe. Well played.

All in all, ok lah, not bad. Just that, IMHO, Flizzow might have took too long to release this video. Remember, this song came from an album that was released in 2013.

Also, I realized the intro and the ending of the video are slightly different from the song. If you have Spotify, you can take a listen below. Mmm hmm. :3

[Source: Sony Music/Kartel Records @ YouTube, Kartel Records @ Facebook

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