Wednesday, August 22, 2012

[Balls of Steel] Transmission Tower Worker P.O.V, 500 Meters Up In The Air

Tower Climb

I’m very grateful that my job revolves around talking cock about interesting things in the world of consumer electronics, technology, lifestyle, sports and beyond – all within the safety of my office/home chairs and desks. They are many out there who risked their live at their work place on frequent a transmission tower climber.

Imagine what shown below as your "office". High up in the sky, without any walls and roof. No elevator with some free climbing might be needed to complete the job faster.

Apparently, transmission tower climber in US can make up to more than RM 197,000 (USD 63,000) annually. That’s more than RM 16,000 per month. A lot of pay indeed but do you have enough balls (without even counting the expertise to repair whatever up there) to climb up those towers? That’s why we all down here and they are up there.

[Image: Ken Colwell, used under Creative Commons license. Balls Busting Sauce: YouTube. Money Sauce: eHow]


Johan Marco said...

before watching the video: uish tukar kerja la like this
after watching the video: how about NO!

Unknown said...

@Johan Marco: Hahahah! Yeah, tell me about it! Takut siot!

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