Saturday, June 16, 2012

Middle Eastern Craziness: Bus Drifting Awww Yeaaaaa

No offense to the Arab folks here but seriously, quite a lot of you guys are a menace on the road. Being a Multimedia University students back then whereby there are significant number of Middle Eastern students in addition to others from surrouding colleges, driving/riding on Cyberjaya roads can sometimes become pretty dangerous.

Despite that, I really not surprised. Just take a look at this...if we see rempits as a menace here, these guys lagi atas. Imagine, drifting (known as Hagwalah there) a freaking bus right in the middle of busy road. WITH FELLOW MATES AS PASSENGERS...AND SPECTATORS TOO! o.0

Seriously. In before YOLO...right, YOLO that brain of yours and you might just end up like this. Keep hooning to video games or turn professional, guys.

[HagwalahSauce: Jalopnik]


nk3371 said...

Just look at those blings parked at the side of the road.

Unknown said...

Guess that's an indication on how they can actually afford that damn bus. Puak atas betui...

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