Sunday, May 1, 2011

I Was There: When Maroon 5 Serenades Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia are pretty blessed this year with tons of international bands/performers are scheduled to (or already have) serenaded their fans at this side of the world and I felt pretty grateful that many of them are actually my personal favourites; like Deftones last February. While I might have missed Bruno Mars last month, few days ago I managed to catch yet another of my favourite outfit, Maroon 5.

Yes, it is true; I really like the band which is usually adored only by females. Say whatever you want, I don’t care. :P

Check out more from the first visit ever from Maroon 5 to Malaysia – setlist, videos and my thought of the show – by clicking that read more link.

Infinite thanks to the music lovers at HTC Malaysia and Maxis for pimping me up with passes to catch one of my favourite bands around.

Here is the setlist of that night (source:

  1. Misery
  2. If I Never See Your face Again
  3. Harder to Breathe
  4. Give a Little More
  5. The Sun
  6. Billie Jean (Michael Jackson cover)
  7. Won't Go Home Without You
  8. Never Gonna Leave This Bed
  9. Secret
  10. What's Love Got to do With It (Tina Turner cover)
  11. She Will Be Loved
  12. Wake up Call
  13. Shiver
  14. Stutter
  15. This Love


  1. Hands All Over
  2. Makes me Wonder
  3. Sunday Morning

Some videos for your pleasure too.

This clip featuring the song Wake Up Call is not my own but it contained one of the show's highlight: Adam fecking threw his guitar sky high to the tech. Its at 1m 36s mark.

All in all, I pretty much enjoyed the show - of course, it’s one of my favourite band around; excuse me for saying this a lot since some people find it hard to believe I layan Maroon 5 – but I have an issue with the volume level of the show’s sound system. As you might able to see/hear from the videos above, it is hard to hear even during lesser known song like The Sun.

Too bad I didn’t record that part because I was busy enjoying that song because it was the song that introduced me to the band and got hooked up ever since. In addition to that, they didn’t play couple of my personal favourites like Sweetest Goodbye and Not Coming Home (from Songs About Jane), Back At Your Door and Can’t Stop (from It Won’t Be Soon Before Long), Last Chance and Out of Goodbyes (from Hands All Over)...ok la, I admit, I want them to play every single song from all three albums as well as Woman from the Spider-Man 2 soundtrack. XD

So, what’s next? On my list so far are Incubus in July and Video Games Live in October. Altogether now: JYEAAAAA.

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