Monday, August 2, 2010

Hello August, You Looked Different This Year

Usually, I would be pretty busy during August since traditionally, its the month for WCG Asian Championship and WCG Malaysia. Somehow this year, both happened last month...which explained why my world went haywired with sleepless night and zombie face whole month long.

In the middle of the madness that is July, I also somehow found my perfect writing timing but am not able to follow it continuously due to various reasons. So, that would be my main priority this month. I hope I'll able to finally be consistent from this month onwards even if the flow gets interrupted for any given reason.

Also, puasa is going to start in few days time. So, yeah... :)

[Image: Joseph Readdy, used under Creative Commons license]


Ken Wooi said...

hello mr. august =)

Unknown said...

LOL, Ken. Mr. August what? XD

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